Fatal Lady (gypsyinaquarium) wrote in naked_mods,
Fatal Lady

fatalbeauty.com is on fire

hey everyone, I'm new here in the groups, but i started interning at the cool website that i thought you all might be interested in. Go to http://www.fatalbeauty.com, there's erotica, music reviews, art, message boards- its a bitchin community.... so here's a couple images, and come check out our site! xoxo

remember, there are always music reviews, original fiction and art galleries going up all the time so check it out.


Here are some models who have just gone up, or are going up this week...

Asa: our newest boy!

Darenzia, shot in the Chelsea Hotel in NYC

Check out Ashes' dirty hooker set at Hotel 17 in NYC

I guess its a week of hotels, here's Astrid at the Clyde Hotel in Portland

The lovely Faythe:

and last but not least, another wonderful set of Roxy:

come say hi!


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