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my 1st tatt....graphic/web design themed tattoo!!! [11 Jul 2008|11:51am]
NES controller w/ RGB & CMYK written on it....along with an art piece as the wire.

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[28 Aug 2006|02:51pm]

just joined. My name is Kate, 22 from mid wales. I do amateur modelling, still just experimenting really. My boyfriend is a photographer and does all of my shoots.

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Self Love Art [17 Jul 2006|06:16am]
Hi! I'm currently seeking artists to be featured on my website. I'm looking for works having to do with self love and self pleasure. I prefer to keep the subject matter tasteful, not porn, but graphic nature is a ok. Thanks!


You can see where you will be featured, etc. here...

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A sample from the Zhara set [13 Dec 2005|09:24am]

This set was kind of an odd one in terms of the normal stuff I had been doing for NTG.

I had shot 18 girls in less than a month - and I was just burned out. And I had a three set shoot scheduled with Zhara. I was pulling my hair out all day.

So, I invited Raven and Khavi to come shoot with me. Raven shot first - hot set. Khavi shot second - hotter set.

I shot last - and the entire night - I was stressing on what the heck I would do. I didn't have an outfit or theme picked...

but I managed to come up with pink bubblegum...

She's got awesome personality.

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NAKED MODS. [17 Sep 2004|12:02pm]

I've been a little lax on my LJ posting lately. Mostly cause we've been fucking SLAMMED here at FB. We have a bunch of new models, and some old favorites for ya to take a peek at. Its all behind the cut.

FB is always accepting model applications, writing submissions and artist submissions. If you're interested in being a part of the FB community, go here and fill out an application: http://www.fatalbeauty.com/be-an-fb/ .

If you want to be a member, we've lowered our prices for the summer, so, you've got about a week left until they go back up to normal... click here to join: http://www.fatalbeauty.com/society/join.php

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[07 Aug 2004|02:31am]

I figured this maybe a good intro, from an old photo shoot a few years back....

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yes those are real tattoos....LOL!
take care all...
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FatalBeauty.com Loves ya! [09 Jul 2004|09:21am]

Damn, time flies, its been awhile since we put some free stuff up on LJ for all of you, but i'm sure you'll agree that its been worth the wait. Here are some new samples from, Stella, Ananda, Drew, Darenzia, Ashes and some art photography from Messy Chestnut. If you like it, you know where you can find a whole lot more... http://www.fatalbeauty.com



take a peek...ITS SUMMER FOR GOODNESS SAKE!Collapse )
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fatalbeauty.com is on fire [03 May 2004|02:36pm]
hey everyone, I'm new here in the groups, but i started interning at the cool website that i thought you all might be interested in. Go to http://www.fatalbeauty.com, there's erotica, music reviews, art, message boards- its a bitchin community.... so here's a couple images, and come check out our site! xoxo

remember, there are always music reviews, original fiction and art galleries going up all the time so check it out.


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HOLY JESUS....um...fatalbeauty.com [26 Feb 2004|03:39pm]

Hey ya'll February is almost over....but....SPRING IS COMING and as usual, FB has been putting up some really really good shit! Lately, we've had original writing from Mike McGonigal, Michelle ZIpp (the editor of Playgirl) and some amazing art galleries from John John Jesse, Narek G. and Ethan M. Long! I know all of you are gonna go and check out the site....but, just to peak your interest...i am including a few samples of sets that either just went up, or are coming this week and next.

hope you enjoy them!

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OH YA FATALBEAUTY....free shit. [17 Feb 2004|07:57pm]

So, here we are post Valentine's day, and i'm pretty sure that everyone in Live Journal land didn't take my advice and join FatalBeauty.com before VDAY. Here is a little sample, just so you can see what you missed.

and believe me,

you missed, A LOT.

take a peek....i double dog dare youCollapse )
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A pre V day looky looky [08 Feb 2004|04:58pm]

I thought everyone might want to see some pretty boys and girls before V day! There are some really wonderful new sets up on FatalBeauty and some new ones coming up this week and next. We also just launched the Culture section with an interview of NY artist John John Jesse, erotic fiction from Annie Keen and a review of the Bedroom Walls. Check out our weekly column, Tracks, and be on the lookout for lots more in the not so distant future. But, for now....

Here's a sample from John John Jesse

take a peek....i double dog dare youCollapse )
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new stuff.....I SAID NEW STUFF. [26 Jan 2004|04:10pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey Everyone...

I can't believe its almost February! January just flew by. I wanted to update everyone on what's going on with FatalBeauty.com... We had some fun billing issues, that are now all sorted out, had an ad in Juxtapoz (a really rad magazine, got a bunch of new models and were interviewed for the Portland News (i can't believe it either...what will FOX come up with next). So here we are coming up on February and i figured i'd send everyone some samples of what's been up on the site lately, and what's coming up. Including the long awaited Baroness Set from Hela!

Lets start off with the always charming and beautiful Crimson Mei. Her new set went up about a week ago!

By the way, I hear that ManicJane.com just launched. Congratulations, i hope all is going well for you and that 2004 brings great things!
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My first post! [18 Jan 2004|09:01pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I've been a member of this community for a while, I just never had any good quality pictures to post till now. My pictures are of my 6 month old vertical hood before and after I got my triangle piercing, which is now a little over 1 month old. All of the piercing were done by Elayne Angel of Rings of Desire.
Not work safe!
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FB says hello. [09 Jan 2004|03:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey Everyone...

We're new here, but we wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. At FatalBeauty.com we're very excited about what this year will bring. We're a month and a half into our new site, and things are going very well with all of us. Behind the cut you'll find a few samples that are certainly NOT WORK SAFE...but we think you'll like them anyway!

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[07 Dec 2003|02:23am]

How many of you own a versatile fashions corset? I'd like some feedback.
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metal mania pt.2 (male) [08 Nov 2003|01:58am]

I saw the metal mania post previously and couldnt resist....

metal male maniaCollapse )
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spoon out my heart.. [25 Oct 2003|06:33pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

metal maniaCollapse )

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[10 Sep 2003|12:30pm]

[ mood | devious ]

update to the scarification on my chest..before I get to that..here's some basic info:
name: nova
age: 21
gender: female
location: pacific northwest[Oregon]
iam: http://iam.bmezine.com/?novaflux
mods[current]: [metal]18g rt conch.10g outer rims[will be pixie-esque spikes]. 00g lobes.14g septum.20g rt nostril.12g vertical nipples x2.12g vertical hood.12g triangle.
[ink] kanji=nape.circuitry = chest/hips. [scars] three lines = sternum.
mods[retired]: vertical bridge[x2].orbitals[x2].lobes[gun-done x4].cartilage[gun-done x2].tongue.horizontal nipples[x2].rt helix.center lip.inverse vertical lip.

got any questions? feel free to ask me.

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[25 Jun 2003|09:00am]

*tap tap*.. this thing on? :x
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[12 Jun 2003|10:45pm]

[ mood | generous ]

I'm feeling particularly generous tonight so...

Who wants free web hosting for pictures?!?!
I'm offering 5-10 megs of space (shared of course)
So that those that beg and whine about where to
put their images can have a place

I'm such a nice guy.
Everyone needs to email me though and ask for an official request

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