Jack Silver of NightTimeGirls (nighttimegirls) wrote in naked_mods,
Jack Silver of NightTimeGirls

A sample from the Zhara set

This set was kind of an odd one in terms of the normal stuff I had been doing for NTG.

I had shot 18 girls in less than a month - and I was just burned out. And I had a three set shoot scheduled with Zhara. I was pulling my hair out all day.

So, I invited Raven and Khavi to come shoot with me. Raven shot first - hot set. Khavi shot second - hotter set.

I shot last - and the entire night - I was stressing on what the heck I would do. I didn't have an outfit or theme picked...

but I managed to come up with pink bubblegum...

She's got awesome personality.

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