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FB says hello.

Hey Everyone...

We're new here, but we wanted to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. At FatalBeauty.com we're very excited about what this year will bring. We're a month and a half into our new site, and things are going very well with all of us. Behind the cut you'll find a few samples that are certainly NOT WORK SAFE...but we think you'll like them anyway!

We'll start off the samples with a new picture (hasn't been seen on the site yet) of Alexi Void from GO LIKE HELL an awesome Seattle band

Next, we'll move on to one of the first pictures we shot for FatalBeauty.com, Rosey, in her house's gaming dungeon...

A shot from Andrew at Absolute Reality Studios in Santa Cruz of Layla...

And finally, a shot of Selena at the W Hotel in Seattle one night during an FB members/model party.

Hope you have enjoyed the samples.....

check out the rest of the site at http://fatalbeauty.com


ps: if you are interested in modeling, submitting art, photography or writing or being a photographer....drop me an email. You can find my profile on the site at http://www.fatalbeauty.com/society/Michael

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