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new stuff.....I SAID NEW STUFF.

Hey Everyone...

I can't believe its almost February! January just flew by. I wanted to update everyone on what's going on with FatalBeauty.com... We had some fun billing issues, that are now all sorted out, had an ad in Juxtapoz (a really rad magazine, got a bunch of new models and were interviewed for the Portland News (i can't believe it either...what will FOX come up with next). So here we are coming up on February and i figured i'd send everyone some samples of what's been up on the site lately, and what's coming up. Including the long awaited Baroness Set from Hela!

Lets start off with the always charming and beautiful Crimson Mei. Her new set went up about a week ago!

By the way, I hear that ManicJane.com just launched. Congratulations, i hope all is going well for you and that 2004 brings great things!

Behind the cut, cuz it sure ain't worksafe we have:

Dallas from the Green Bathroom set:

Next, we'll move on to one of the first pictures we shot for FatalBeauty.com, Rosey, in the shower

Demian overcoming his fear of needles:

Our newest model, Aden in one of the most amazing sets ever.

and finally the long awaited HELA BARONESS SET!!!!

Hope you have enjoyed the samples.....

check out the rest of the site at http://fatalbeauty.com


ps: if you are interested in modeling, submitting art, photography or writing or being a photographer....drop me an email. You can find my profile on the site at http://www.fatalbeauty.com/society/Michael

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