fatalmichael (fatalmichael) wrote in naked_mods,

A pre V day looky looky

I thought everyone might want to see some pretty boys and girls before V day! There are some really wonderful new sets up on FatalBeauty and some new ones coming up this week and next. We also just launched the Culture section with an interview of NY artist John John Jesse, erotic fiction from Annie Keen and a review of the Bedroom Walls. Check out our weekly column, Tracks, and be on the lookout for lots more in the not so distant future. But, for now....

Here's a sample from John John Jesse

Evalyn: Under the Morrison Bridge in Portland, OR.

Alexi Void from GO LIKE HELL an awesome Seattle band

The ever popular Nova Flux

Rudy in a set shot by the lovely and talented Annie Keen:

And last but not least, Rumour in the garden...

As always, if you're interested in being showcased as an artist, photographer, writer or musician, or if you want to model on FB, apply on the site or, drop me an email from our Contact Page



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