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HOLY JESUS....um...fatalbeauty.com

Hey ya'll February is almost over....but....SPRING IS COMING and as usual, FB has been putting up some really really good shit! Lately, we've had original writing from Mike McGonigal, Michelle ZIpp (the editor of Playgirl) and some amazing art galleries from John John Jesse, Narek G. and Ethan M. Long! I know all of you are gonna go and check out the site....but, just to peak your interest...i am including a few samples of sets that either just went up, or are coming this week and next.

hope you enjoy them!

Here are some more samples of our lovely lovely ladies!

Come say hello....stay awhile...join up and take advantage of:

1) wonderful erotic images of the worlds most beautiful people.

2) Art from todays up and coming and cutting edge erotic artists

3) original interviews, fiction, non fiction and reviews

4) message boards, blogs and lots of other fun shit!

-hope you like it.

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